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TrueKAST General Product Information

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Who We Serve

​​As you will see, we strive to serve all foot issues, wounds, surgeries, procedures, deformities, etc.  Whether you are a Wound Care Clinic, a Podiatry Office, a Vascular Clinic or an operating Room, let us help you protect your wound and your procedure.

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Case Review
Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic / Kent State College of Podiatric Medicine
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                 TrueKAST Systems

​​  *STANDARDIZATION of Cushioning,                       Splinting, and Casting Systems

  *CONVIENIENCE of having each

    system in a single use kit.

  *CONSISTENCY of Cushioning, Splinting, and         Casting Methods.

Product Line

Standardized Offloading and Protection Systems

(Patented Technology)


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Pressure Mapping Study
Comparing TrueKAST to a   Roll-On Cast
TrueKAST Total Contact Casting System with QuickSaw Technology
Chambersburg Hospital Case Review 01.png
Case Review
Chambersburg Hospital Wound Care Center & Summit Podiatry Group
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Patient Brochure

​​From time to time people develop ulcers on the soles of their feet due to pressure, traumatic injury, or other Diabetic complications such as Diabetic Neuropathy or Charcot Foot. Walking on these ulcers can harm them or delay healing.

WCP Case Study TCC WoundKair Concepts-Final 2020.png
Case Review
Wound Care Plus, LLC
Martha R. Kelso, RN, HBOT, CEO, WCP
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