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Welcome To WoundKair Concepts

WoundKair Concepts is a provider of wound care products and medical devices that allow clinicians to obtain the best possible outcomes. Our team works directly with clinicians to determine the needs and benefits of each product to ensure we deliver the best of quality as well as the best-in-class. For over the past decade we have been introducing new and improved technologies to obtain better outcomes at competitive pricing to ensure the availability of the technology to all patients in all care settings.

In today’s healthcare market you need products that will save time for greater patient pass through, cost effective to purchase, while providing the best clinical outcomes. We bring only the best technology forward and we are dedicated to providing the patient, the provider, and the facility the best possible wound healing solutions.

We pride ourselves on customer service, quality standards, and product excellence. We understand you have a choice, and we want to be that choice when you have wound care needs.

TrueKAST Total Contact Cast with QuickSaw Technology

The TrueKAST Total Contact Cast was born out of necessity. As more and more wound care professionals searched for a true Total Contact Casting System that is more traditional than the newly renovated systems available today, the TrueKAST Total Contact Casting System became the answer to that search.

Total Contact Casting has been the Gold Standard for offloading diabetic foot ulcers for decades. Our system does not have a requirement of a boot or shoe and because of the attached walking surface our system offers compliance while wearing a Total Contact Cast. Thanks to our clinicians and their knowledge of wound care, we developed a Total Contact Casting system that is quick to apply, lighter weight, shorter length of limb for a more nature gait, and offers compliance, all while utilizing traditional standards of the original idea of Total Contact Casting.

Now without the requirement of an electric cast saw, WoundKair Concepts provides an inner QuickSaw removal system that removes the electric cast saw and the anxiety that the electric power tool brings to the Total Contact Casting experience.

About the TrueKAST Splinted Cushioning System
Are you still using expensive shoes or boots for Offloading, Protection, and Fixation when you are not using a Total Contact Cast? Are you still using standard cast padding, gauze, and elastic wraps to protect wounds on the foot & ankle, skin substitutes or grafts, painful wounds, surgical wounds and sutures, or the fragile skin of a newly closed wound?

Now you can upgrade & standardize with Foot & Ankle cushioning and fixation. Try the TrueKAST Splinted Cushioning System for Foot & Ankle with the Patented Total Foot Protection Technology of the TrueKAST Total Contact Cast and a 7-Layer Posterior Splint.

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About the TrueKAST Total Cushioning System
Are you still using standard cast padding, gauze, and elastic wraps to protect expensive skin substitutes or grafts, the fragile skin of healed patients, or closed Diabetic Foot Ulcers during the transition period when patients are waiting for their custom orthotic or other specialty shoe? How do you ensure that the fragile skin of a newly closed wound is protected while it regains its strength?

By using the TrueKAST Total Cushioning System you can upgrade & standardize. Try the TrueKAST Total Cushioning System which incorporates the Patented Technology of the Total Foot Protection System of the TrueKast Total Contact Cast.

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